So, um, the One Way Kickstarter is floundering a bit. I’m sorry so many of you were disappointed in the ending (although glad so many of you loved the ending!), I’m still very fond of it. I recommend you all go and pre-order, and make it work! But… if the goal isn’t reached, I will look into Print-On-Demand options, so it can happen.

And allow me to assure you again: Anna Galactic is funny crazy sci-fi adventure and has a very satisfying ending.

In the meantime, more Vampire insanity.



01/07/15 Laika’s Regrets

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  1. Well, it seems that there’s no rules for werewolves too…
    We need tobe careful of what we drink…

    mmm It’s not the same origin but Laika reminds me of that short story of Boris Vian: “Le Loup-garou”.

  2. So, Laika is a reverse-werewolf?

  3. Love your use of black! Great inking!

  4. @War_Pig, exactly!
    @Don_Ahé, thanks! 🙂

  5. somehow i missed the very start of this when i checked on monday – now it makes a bit more sense. it’s still very odd, but i’m loving it.

    but now i’m really wondering what strange, horrible behavior Laika finds herself compelled to do, come the full moon – run in high heels? drink pumpkin lattes? play video games?

  6. I do recall reading about a “reverse werewolf” where the animal isn’t too happy with the change even with a larger brain and thumbs.

  7. I am LOVING Vampire Bicycle! Once you move on to your next project, I hope you keep in mind that this would be a GREAT occasional fill-in, you should definitely keep revisiting this wonderful idea throughout your creative journeys!

    So far my favorite webcomic EVER was Spacetrawler, heaps of fun, great action, smart and sassy, GREAT job! I hope some day you return to that Universe!

    I greatly respect your need for creative diversity so I understand moving ahead with other projects. One Way was a terrific followup, I enjoyed the hell out of it!

    I’m really looking forward to Anna Galactic – what a GREAT name!

  8. BTW, Laika’s reverse-vampire condition and origin will absolutely now a part of my Pathfinder RPG, if I have your blessinh.

    I have 2 players with Wolf animal companions, so on a 1d6 roll 1-2 Player 1’s wolf is affected, 3-4 Player 2’s wolf is affected, 5-6 both wolves are affected! Thanks for the steal, you will get credit and hopefully new fans from my game (I steered them towards Spacetrawler eons ago, I’m curious how many have kept up!)

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