01/16/15 Drinking Age



There was the stone age, the iron age, and then, as always, the drinking age.

Tonight (Thursday) I went to a lovely party for a couple hours, filled with artists and just creative, neat, fun people. It’s strange the different lives I have. The local community life. The back-home family life. The online life. The multiple imaginary worlds I create life. And yet, it’s all one life.

I feel pretty lucky. or like a cat. 🙂

01/07/15 Laika’s Regrets


So, um, the One Way Kickstarter is floundering a bit. I’m sorry so many of you were disappointed in the ending (although glad so many of you loved the ending!), I’m still very fond of it. I recommend you all go and pre-order, and make it work! But… if the goal isn’t reached, I will look into Print-On-Demand options, so it can happen.

And allow me to assure you again: Anna Galactic is funny crazy sci-fi adventure and has a very satisfying ending.

In the meantime, more Vampire insanity.



01/05/14 Hello, Luna


One week in to the three-week campaign for the One Way Kickstarter. And 1/3 of the way there. Whoot! Right on track. Buy your advanced copy today!


This weekend I dew, wrote, and painted. I saw live music at the local cafe, had brunch with a friend, and snuggled with kitties. What more could a poor boy ask for?

Speaking of kitties! Babette is still looking for a home. Anyone in the NE poking for an extremely playful sweet 1.5 year old with all her shots and is spayed?


01/02/15 Clear Cut

Welcome to my interim comic “Vampire Bicycle.” A non-story gag strip which will run for a few weeks while i finish up development of Anna Galactic.

The situation is that of Whitby, a young man (a wee bit over 600 years old), and his werewolf companion, Laika. Whitby rides the globe on his bicycle, pulling a coffin behind him so he has some place to sleep during the day.

Enjoy! -Christopher