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08/11/15 The Fire Yontengu 11

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  1. Climate changer deniers.

  2. Let me guess, the soil Yontengu is buried under her home country, isn’t it?

  3. “This is madness!”

    “No! This. Is… Wait, you’re right. This is MAD*ness.”

    *Mutually Assured Destruction

  4. The Amazing Science-Man

    In war, the spoils are enjoyed by the elites and the costs are paid by the commoners. This is one of the reasons that war is statistically more likely by autocracies and less likely by democracies/republics.

    (Though for those who wish more information, technically being democratic only seems to reduce your warfare percentage with other democratic countries. The democratic-autocratic war percentage is just about the same as the autocratic-autocratic war percentage.)

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