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08/25/15 The Fire Yontengu 15

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  1. Never leave a living enemy behind you.

  2. You know what they call flying people? Skeet.

  3. @War_Pig, I prefer “never kill except in self defense, and even then maybe not.”

  4. If she had only caught the bullet with the glove, it would’ve evaporated.

    Still, that was the dumbest move she has made in the rather catastrophic quest she’s been stumbling through. No one should assume that enemies follow your moral code. These two were unabashedly aggressive and antagonistic.

  5. So you think you were invulnerable, huh?

    Yes, I think we all agree she hasn’t taken the best decisions. I think that’s the consequence of choosing someone too young, inexperienced and impulsive for this mission.

  6. For some reason I’m not sure of (maybe because she’s outfitted with a pair of Insta-Melt ™ gloves), I was thinking when she’s in the suit she’s pretty much invulnerable.

  7. Apparently a pacifist enclave does not teach its children how to properly threaten, intimidate, and coerce. Who would have thunk?

    Also epic fail on evasive manouvering and the virtual guy should have had her back, or eyes? eyes-on-the-back. Well, they live and learn (for now).

  8. Oh yes, I forgot Koen, you’re right he should have warned Julie…

  9. @Chris: Then you have failed Darwin’s test. There is no appeal and no retest. Those who pass will spread their seed. Those who fail do not. Darwin at work. Note: I said nothing about noncombatants. Only the enemy. If you do not force them to surrender or die, they will most definitely shoot/stab you in the back as soon as the back is turned.

    That has been the problem with our conflicts after WWII. Too much kum-bah-yah. Surrender or die. Period.

  10. @War_Pig, no I have not, and I don’t like the accusation. And I disagree with you on almost every point. But I don’t want a heated discussion here. Let’s agree to disagree, please.

  11. If you’re going to be a pacifist, never leave a fireable weapon behind you… Else, jink like hell as you’re flying away. Ouch.

  12. Huh, that´s strange. Obviously there were no projectile weapons when this outfit was first used.

  13. That “skeet” comment sounds like something I read recently in Schlock Mercenary. 🙂

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