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09/10/15 The Fire Yontengu 19

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  1. I’d been thinking that the Solian AI was being irresponsible giving kids the task and questionably designed tools to destroy the yontengus, but now I’m gravitating toward sinister. The original destroyed his world with his arrogance, and was told after destroying the air yontengu that it was designed to leave its masters alive and not poison the whole world. It may be he knew all along and intended to finish them off in revenge. His hologram may have dire intentions as well, telling the kids lies or half-truths to keep them from knowing the whole story. They’re cat’s paws. They should be considering that the hologram might be a villain, playing the new people against each other, and using the kids as physical weapons to do what a hologram has no substance to do. Just as the original Solians used the innocent-minded yontengus as unwitting weapons. Julie is a yontengu now, and the title may be referring to her instead of the elementals.

  2. @Coyoty Could be. I’m leaning more towards pure but bumbling. That water Yontengu would have drowned those thousands of people even without the hologram’s further intervention.

  3. Maybe the ancient Solnians were just naturally fanatical and extreme. Maybe instead of water they only drank Mountain Dew. Or Brawndo! Might explain some of their design choices.

  4. The idea of the original Solians creating WMDs is a good Frankenstein trope, but you raise a good point about the choice of giving the last Yontengu tools to destroy the three monsters to cats-paws having a different purpose. I don’t recall, or maybe I am discounting the reasons and ways that the Yontengus were defeated/hibernated/buried, instead of being destroyed when they obviously had the tools to do so. Could they have had the foresight to see that there would one day be other races settling on their world after they had gone? Were they left as a failsafe to remove any whom would try to colonize later?

    However, she is lying down with her gloved hands resting on her stomach/chest, but the gloves are not burning her? How did she plan to scratch an itch, or relieve herself with her gloves of destruction on?

  5. @’Drew: The only thing I know for sure about those gloves is that they can’t hurt the user… besides that, I’m still a little bit confused on how they really work.

  6. @Drew

    It’s explained in the first dozen or so comics.. the gloves are keyed to her biology so that they don’t burn her or her clothing. Also, being keyed to her is exactly why they can never be removed; they’re effectively a part of her body.

    Crappy design, but that’s how they were explained to work, in this comic.

  7. So no on can, like, hack off her arms at the elbows, wrap the stumps of the forearms in duct tape to make a hilt, and then swing those suckers around in a melee? (Oh, and maybe wrap up Julie’s stumps in duct tape, too, so she doesn’t loose too much blood.)

  8. Alrighty 0Z79! Thank you so much.

    And the “burning effect” applies just to the gloves, isn’t it? in that way Kobus was able to take off Julie’s helmet without harm.

  9. @COYOTE

    I like the cut of your jib. In the backstory this Solian casually and single handedly destroys a state of the art war machine the size of a city. Where were the missiles, flying defenders, or gun turrets to shoot him down? A small bomb he can carry blew apart the equivalent of a heavy battleship?

    None of the above made any sense unless this Solian had technology far more advanced than anyone else on the planet. This guy and his gear is Tony Stark / Iron Man level compared to everyone else. Maybe it wasn’t the Solians that were that advanced, maybe it was just him. He was known as well, you saw the king and queen knew him. Also the palace they were living in, was that stucco or rock? Didn’t look like a high tech place, but I wrote it off since they were aliens. Now I wonder how advanced the other Solians really were, and I wonder who invented the Yontengu. Maybe it was this guy who created them as well.

  10. @ Coyote: Except these new people are already playing against each other without the assistance of an ancient AI.

    And as a Yontengu Julie is not that effective, barring a power down the road, since even normal bullets can harm her.

    As for the sinister AI. You should replace that with single minded, which can go either way, since it is solely dedicated to wiping out these super weapons in the name of preserving life to the lack of almost anything else.

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