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#inktober… so, I got pretty sick this weekend. But it’s monday, and I’m feeling well enough to be sitting up, puttering a little. This drawing, however, might be proof I’m still sick. šŸ™‚


10/27/15 Koen Watches Over 01

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  1. What’s to stop someone else from taking Julie’s place if she does die? Aside from finding a person that doesn’t consider consequences before undertaking an extremely dangerous quest, that is.

  2. They just have to try indeed… it’s better than just let her die in there…
    What a cool design for this inktober!, I think it is even appropriate for the #drawlloween challenge.

  3. Except they’d STILL have to find someone to go drag the suit off her stinking, rotting carcass. Do you know how hard it is to get decomp out of clothing?

  4. What’s the point of maintaining the tie between the two if Julie’s dead? It may be a costly route, but it hardly seems unwise to me.

  5. Soil Yongtengu? I thought there were only three.

  6. @Galane, there are four. Maybe at some point did they say there were only three left?

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