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11/10/15 Koen Watches Over 05

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  1. Well, that was decidedly less sinister than I believed it would be.

  2. I literally have no idea whether this is a brilliant plot twist or a shameless attempt at patching plot holes.

    Shouldn’t the next question have been “Well, if the gloves don’t work like you said they do, why should I believe there’s no way to fix the connection?”

  3. Last panel should be “bad enough for both OF us”, no??

  4. If I were leaving I’d take the helmet. There might be a way to restore the connection once the helmet and suit are physically close.

  5. Well, even if this turns out to be a “patch for the plot holes” I think it could work… and also I can say I was right being supicious about Gorro and his real objectives.


  6. I think it’s less “patch plot holes” and more “change plot for those who can’t be arsed to read the archives”, but that’s just me.

    Sorry, wrong side of the bed..

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