03/23/15 Being Brought In 11

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  1. Both the men seem to have changed clothes between the previous strip and this one.

  2. @ User 18: I think that there was just a change in the lighting. Somebody did something to bring the primaries out better.

  3. They won’t have to go very far to get locked up.

  4. Dad; orange with green, then blue with blue-gray… Quick-change clothing! Maybe chameleon-cloth?

  5. Hahahaha! Sorry. There was a file mismanagement. Today’s color’s are correct. I mainly changed Dale’s (and THEn adjusted the captian’s to balance) so that Dale didn’t look quite as much like Aquaman. 😉

    Am just leaving my hut to go to town to bathe (Yahoo!). Will fix when I return this afternoon.

  6. The Captain appears to like being a big fish in a small pond.

  7. Oh noes, how dare people try to do things that will actually get us home. You are undermining my authoritah!

    Yeah, I’ve only seen the captain once (and a third-ish), and I already don’t like him.

  8. It does seem strange that the authority figures we have met so far are so insistent on everyone dying rather then try anything outside By-The-Book. A strong conspiracy, or is space travel so normal that here is a crew on a milk run that just cannot think for themselves? (that lack of thought being why they are assigned the milk runs).

    hehe, or is the Conspiracy using the weak milk run for their pawns? What is on the planet they are trying to flush out and capture under guise of late rescue/retaliation? (why yes, I have watched too many alien movies)

  9. Come On! Give them a chance!

  10. Why yes, Captain. It’s all about what you have to put up with and not at all what you put people through. :rollseyes:

  11. Conspiratorial thinking seems endemic to the human species. Now it is also true there are and have been real conspiracies. So far what would be a reason to maroon this ship and its passengers? Any takers?

  12. I love to hear theories buzzing. So hard to stay mum!

    Colors on Friday’s strip have been fixed to match today’s costumes. 🙂

  13. “We live for The Protocol, we die for The Protocol!”

  14. Rhondalynn Brown

    Bathe? Ya gotta try a sweatlodge instead!

  15. He’s got Nogg’s mouth!

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