I did a painting of the desert here. A small canyon I walk to most mornings when I walk to see the sunrise.


03/25/15 Being Brought In 12

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  1. Move along, nothing to see here!

  2. I hope the nanny-bot is good at self-preservation. And tracker preservation.

  3. Of course, given Teapot’s *ahem* admirable dedication to law and order, his “holy crap” may not be the “holy crap” of awakening that we are hoping for. Much as I’d like to see him join the protagonist team, he may already be firmly entrenched/brainwashed as an antagonist. Who could blame him, though. He’d get to work side by side with scarface…she loves rules, AND she’s awful cute!

  4. Why do I feel that Captain Blake should be a member of an early 80s rock band? Is it the hair?

    Also, why no tag for Officer Purplehair Eyescar?

  5. My comment is actually on the canyon painting. It is awesome! If during your travels you swing through Nevada, near Tahoe, let us know so we can buy you lunch.

  6. @Herandar, Ha! Well, I guess she’ll have one or two brief more appearances, I can give her a (that) name. Done! 😉

    Thanks, @Steve! And sure, if I pass thourgh there I will. 🙂

  7. I think Conspiracy Theory isn’t a theory any more…
    I don’t know why all this is making me think about the wall-e movie…
    Great painting Chris! I can almost hear the wind coming through…

  8. Yeah. If this was a game of Space Station 13, this is where I’d call out the Captain on being an antag.


    Nah, that is a real holy crap of awakening. He is shocked.

    So Professor Fredericks found Lauridium, reported it, and had Bad Things done to him as a result. Anna’s parents knew all of this and yet decided to do the exact same thing. Barring this being a ploy they are running, the herp derp is very powerful with these two.

  10. Uh-oh! Now I’m in *dons Cool Shades* AnnaGalactic shock!

  11. I think the Captain’s Jacket is reinforcing my earlier stated feeling. It comes off (to me, at least) as a bit Michael Jackson-esque.

    Thanks Chris! Now to work on you to create a spin-off series: The Continued Adventures of Officer Purplehair Eyescar!!

  12. Hmm, seems my initial impression of the captain was spot on…I don’t know how I feel about that.

  13. Ok, we’ve met 2 of the crew, where are the other 5 Capt. Blake’s crew?

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