Another long walk to the end of the world this morning. The rolling red sandstone lumps/hills (as I found out several days ago) end with a several hundred feet drop-off. Breathtaking.

And I actually get vertigo if I get too close to an edge like this, so I dropped to my belly and wriggled up to it. Worth it for the shot and memory.



04/08/15 United 02

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  1. Poor Teapot, probably wishes she’d put a stopper in herself.

  2. Cleveland! Are you ready to rock with PEWTER TEAPOT?!! [Insert 80s hair metal scream here.]

  3. ha ha ha! a metal band, that’s a good one!…. oh poor teapot he ran away from the other pals because of their nonsense talking, and now here is not going better…
    Amazing picture!

  4. Pewter… Metal… HAR HAR, nursebot.

    By the way, am I the only one who wants to see a spin-off/crossover about the adventures of Pewter and Pottybot? It could be all radically liberating, kind of like Thelma and Louise only with more llamas.

  5. To Stewarts suggestion, If there ever is a kickstarter to do a cross over like, The Perfectly Ponderous Peril of Pewter and Pottybot, count me in.

  6. Dude! How on Earth did you get to Mars!? That is so freakin’ cool. Have you met any princess yet?

  7. Amazing shot!

    I also get vertigo if I get too close to a drop that would kill me if I tripped. I think this is a perfectly appropriate survival mechanism.

  8. That shot looks like it’s on Mars. (Watches conspiracy nuts examining the photo for the “Mars” rovers.)

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