I’m on the road, from Arizona to Oregon. Many people and stops to see along the way. I should be there by the 18th. All strips have been uploaded, so, barring any significant issues, it SHOULD go smoothly. I’ll have intermittent email and web access during the drive, so I’ll keep on eye on things and do my best to address any problems. Cheers! -Christopher

04/10/15 United 03

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  1. Last panel, second bubble: missing a “the” between “that” and “Captain”.

  2. Second panel, second bubble, “came” should be “come” to match tense with “you’ll”.

    I’m enjoying this story; looking forward to seeing what role Anna will play as it progresses.

  3. Oh yes, the paperwork… the biggest enemy of mankind…


  4. Strange, the previous page ended flush right, yet this one didn’t start flush left. Is there a missing panel?

  5. “Captain” or “the Captain” are interchangeable in this case, in a more archaic or formal yet still valid speech form, referring to the individual by rank/appointment without ‘the’ when they are the only individual that could be considered is/was common, particuarly in regions using non-American grammar… referring to HRH the Queen as ‘Majesty’ is perfectly acceptable in some areas of England, for instance. My grammar when posting is irrelevant, it’s the cartoonist’s that is in question and his passes muster.

  6. @SengKelat & @Karlos, Thanks! Will fix those when I have a chance. Excellent point, @Traditionalist, but I think I’ll put in “the.” Not doing so feels like it’s too familiar to me of Teapot and the captain’s relaitonship.

    @Quasar. The first panel of this strip, and the last panel of the last strip, are the same panel. In the book, BOTH balloons of dialogue will appear in ONE panel. I did the split because Pewter’s line worked better standalone as a punchline, and Teapot’s line works well to introduce THIS strip. 🙂

  7. Ah, clever!

  8. Ahh.. but what if they “lost” the paperwork?

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