I’m on the road, from Arizona to Oregon. Many people and stops to see along the way. I should be there by the 18th. All strips have been uploaded, so, barring any significant issues, it SHOULD go smoothly. I’ll have intermittent email and web access during the drive, so I’ll keep on eye on things and do my best to address any problems. Cheers! -Christopher

04/13/15 United 04

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  1. You should be hitting Oregon at a good time. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous later this week.

  2. Remember (having to, on a trip to Seattle to meet relatives) going through Eugene – in fire season.

    May your trip be fires-free; the air in those places is heavenly (when not toxic-smoke-laden!)
    -Or, have good A/C (with fresh filters!)

  3. “All right. Fine. I’ll stay. Just… stop describing me.”

  4. I’m surprised Teapot doesn’t consider Foxglove an even bigger liability.

  5. Maybe Anna should be going to Oregon too?

  6. Thanks for defending me pewter… with you on my side they surely would consider me more useful…

  7. If you’re coming into Oregon from Idaho, I’d spend a little time in Baker City. It’s a remarkably nice small town in the middle of nowhere.

  8. OK… why is this comic called “Anna Galactic” if everyone thinks she’s useless, nobody respects her and she doesn’t believe in herself.. like, at ALL?

    Poor gal. 🙁

  9. Quasar – I’m sure Teapot _does_ consider her a liability, but he knows she’s been exploring outside the ship, and I’m guessing he hasn’t, much.

    and Oz79 – maybe because the storyline of the strip will involve her personal growth? Because she seriously needs some.

    I’m figuring that they will find that they _have_ to take her, and that will help build her self-confidence.

  10. What point in the Campbell Cycle is this? 😉

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