I’m on the road, from Arizona to Oregon. Many people and stops to see along the way. I should be there by the 18th. All strips have been uploaded, so, barring any significant issues, it SHOULD go smoothly. I’ll have intermittent email and web access during the drive, so I’ll keep on eye on things and do my best to address any problems. Cheers! -Christopher

04/15/15 United 05

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  1. It’s a tracker, AND a universal remote! It finds lauridium and it’ll operate that sanyo dvd player you picked up for five bucks at a garage sale.

  2. It’s an Amazon Dash Button for reordering lauridium.

  3. For some reason I keep trying to find a pun to tie “lauridium” to “laundry.” The best I’ve been able to come up with involves trees. Bay laurel trees.

    Why do I do this to myself?

  4. Don’t push your luck Foxglove!

  5. @Frith Ra, just accept that “lauridium” was named after the discoverer’s girlfriend and move on.

  6. Something really odd about the drawing of Foxglove’s right hand on Dilvan’s shoulder in the final panel…

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