I’m on the road, from Arizona to Oregon. Many people and stops to see along the way. I should be there by the 18th. All strips have been uploaded, so, barring any significant issues, it SHOULD go smoothly. I’ll have intermittent email and web access during the drive, so I’ll keep on eye on things and do my best to address any problems. Cheers! -Christopher

04/17/15 United 06

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  1. It seems that foxglove wants something beyond uncovering the conspiracy with Mr. Teapot…

  2. @Karlos. At least you avoided making a “here is my spout” reference. Oh dear, now I’ve done it…

  3. Hah! I knew it! Teapot’s wartime experience will not be sufficient to work the tracker, and they will _have_ to take Anna!

  4. Time to hit the Yellow Brick Road!

  5. Of course, the real question is: What KIND of rocks? I’ve known some pretty sharp flints in my time, but spare me the porous dullness of sandstone… 🙂

  6. Anna is Dorothy, Pewter is the Tin Woodsman, Dilvan is the Cowardly Lion…

    Foxglove doesn’t match up too well to the Brainless Scarecrow.

  7. Foxglove is Toto?

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