05/01/15 United 12

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  1. Chris, it probably won’t matter but how large is the ship? Roughly how many people are aboard it? Just curious.

  2. @Herandar, I would have to think really hard, and do research to figure it out. But a let’s say it’s a good sizable number. Let’s say at least 800, but maybe quite more. As you suggest, it won’t really matter (and it’s not currently mentioned anywhere in the script).

  3. You mean you didn’t make a detailed 3D model of the entire planet and ship before you started drawing the strip!?!?!!! What is this world coming to?? 😉

  4. “Wait! Stop! We just want to be your FRIENDS!”

  5. Why is the guy in panel 2 merging into the wall? Okay, I know why, but it doesn’t really work, at least not on my monitor.

    Can the nanny bot be reprogrammed to be snarky? Because its posture and head shape keep making me think of Vachel.

  6. You would be snarky as well if you were a nanny for a decade or so.

  7. Pewter needs to look under “Running Away From Home” in the Nanny Manual for more info. I’m sure this all covered in that interesting section.

  8. By this point and because of the previous “escapades” of Foxglove, I hope she has some kind of place of refuge out there…

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