Had a lovely time this weekend. LJ Moore and Stacy Carlson, two excellent writer friends of Cedra and mine, came up to spend the weekend, talking books, ideas, and eating cookies. Saw some town councilmen up in Coos Bay sing sea shanties, and toured tall ships. Excellent. ๐Ÿ™‚

05/04/15 United 13

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  1. “…her followers…”. So this is why the strip is titled after Anna instead of Foxglove. Everyone’s assuming Anna’s the main character and leader when she’s really just a background character. Until she has to assume the position.

    “No, we said we want to talk to your LEADER. Where’s Anna Galactic?”

  2. Redemption time for Blake?

  3. nice leela spoof ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yay Purplehair Eyescar!

  5. My name is purplehair eyescar; you killed my father; prepare to die!

  6. mmm the farm, there’s a strange thing going on indeed…

    Oh, and we can see a true example of what they say: no one is absolutely bad (รณ evil)… could be that relative of Captain Blake part of the cause of his behavior? let’s see…

  7. Interesting, Anna Galactic will be blamed for what Foxglove is instigated. “The Farm” can and does have an ominous ring to it.

  8. Hmm, how many people know about this “farm?” Is it full of mind controlling natives who have infiltrated the crew & intend to use the (Alien) humans for food or something?

  9. Shades of “The Prisoner”!

  10. Speculation: the captain is farming sentient aliens for something valuable, e.g. the Lauridium they need.

  11. This is getting curiouser and curiouser. The fact that someone dear to the captain, who usually travels with him but did not on this trip, suggests the stop was rather unplanned. So why does the captain seem to be in the middle of who knows what scheme?

  12. “The Farm”. Where untold numbers of parents have told kids they took their untrainable, aggressive dog when what they really did was take it wayyy out in the countryside and shot it. Or these days took it to the pound where nobody would adopt the snarling beast and it had to be put down.

  13. Huh. Should we take from this that the captain still cares somewhat for the lives of his crew? Interesting…

  14. My speculation is that there are laws against settling on this type of planet, but allowances are made for stranded ships where people might be forced to establish a colony in order to survive. And once the planet has been settled it opens it up for exploitation.

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