This morning was one of those morning where I had way too much dilly-dallying before I buckled down to work. And I’m realistic in my memory, I recall, even when working a day job, there were plenty of days like that. The difference is: now I care. Ha! Finally, when one can legitimately spend hours on Facebook and Youtube, one has good reason not to (aside from the NORMAL good reasons).

05/06/15 First Contact 01

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  1. Your craving for adventure?

  2. Because wildlife > prison.

  3. So, there it is my answer: Foxglove doesn’t have any shelter out there…

  4. Title of this section of the story is ominous! And exciting! Excitominous!

  5. Time to bring out all of skills you learned in the boy/girl scouts.

    By which I don’t mean sell cookies.

  6. I hope somebody got a machete or axe like thingie.

  7. Noctornal predators take over from the day time ones. Same with the prey. I doubt they have done an exploratory examination of life in area.

  8. Let Anna ramble and take shelter below her speech bubbles.

  9. While you’re ‘buckling down’, remember to keep your ‘Emergency Kitten’ bookmark handy- just in case!

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