05/08/15 First Contact 02

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  1. Anna should listen to Foxglove.

  2. Darn. It looks like the farm is just a farm. Or is it?!

  3. What we can’t see are the undergound missile silos and torture chambers.

  4. And now, meet The Farm!!

  5. So why would “just a farm” have armed guards?

  6. Hostile aliens? Native predators? Really big mean nasty native herbivores?

    ……members of _another_ human colony from a non-friendly nation?

  7. The Farm: spook training camp in IIRC, Virginia (very near Quantico, borrowing some facilities from the neighbouring Marines)…
    One of those?

  8. Sigh. When in doubt recon, recon, and do more recon. Covertly.

  9. At least it’s not an Alien Ant Farm.

  10. 1st, 2nd and 3rd of August. Drop by the Grove hotel in Boise, ID for Fandemonium.

    I bet they’d be happy to have a Webcomic GoH that has never been at Fandemonium.

  11. The punchline is that the whole ship is just a reality TV show, and the contract they signed had a really nasty non-disclosure agreement that wiped out all their real memories.

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