This morning (Monday) is the last day in Bandon, OR. As my friend Cedra and I pack up and drive inland to stay with my sister and her beau. Goodbye coast. Goodbye honking lighthouse replacement machine. Goodbye dead cow on the beach. Goodbye visiting writing friends. Goodbye pretty rocks. Goodbye kites and beautiful sunsets. See you elsewhere.

05/11/15 First Contact 03

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  1. I’m guessing The Farm is Siberia. Or Greenland.

  2. Oh, so cute. They sound like an old married couple…
    It happens to me often that some words or events trigger in my mind a song, although sometimes the lyrics has no relation with the topic, and now you saying goodbye to Oregon made me think about “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” From Elton John…

  3. A valuable crop. Passengers. As they build farms they transfer slaves out there?

  4. Some times a farm is just a farm as per cigars.

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