05/25/15 First Contact 09

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  1. Meanwhile the jelly is thinking, “Kitty!”

    Maybe they should stop pulling and gently peel each tentacle off.

  2. Really good job those last to pictures. I love how you imprint realism to the posture and you are able to keep proportions.


  3. Where’s a Tasp when you need one?!

  4. Maybe they could get her free if she stopped making a fist grabbing and pulling on those things….

  5. Yes, I was thinking the same: to strength is not the answer…

  6. @Coyote & @Elvenbane – but how do they peel off the tentacles without getting stuck themselves? A fly who want’s to rescue another fly doesn’t go hurling themselves into the same spider’s web… or shouldn’t.

  7. Don’t suppose somebody could go over to Yontengu and borrow Julie’s gloves for a second?

  8. AndyW: Very carefully.

    It may be the jelly is caught on Anna and pulling is making the adhesion worse.

  9. Jellyfish needs to activate it’s stingers.

  10. Tickle the jelly. That always works for me when my kids won’t let go.

  11. @pbarnrob Ha! Tasp. 🙂 I just happen to have started reading “Fate of Worlds” yesterday. I started with “Fleet of Worlds” May 14th, 2015 and have read all four in that series and all four of the Ringworld books – now capping things off with the fifth book to both.

    The first Larry Niven book I read (IIRC 30+ years ago) was “The Ringworld Engineers”. Paperback with the Whelan cover that has the floating city which can be used as a map while reading that part.

    Now if only Niven would collaborate with Edward M. Lerner and finish “The Ghost Ships”!

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