After shipping off some paintings today, Cedra and I went over to McCloud and hiked up along the waterfalls. How divine! 🙂

05/27/15 First Contact 10

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  1. Attack of the Killer Toasted Marshmallow.

    They might notice that at the Farm.

  2. They are made out of fuel.

  3. ah, the risks one takes when evolution decides you should fly by generating hydrogen in you body…that’s also the easy way to kill flying dragons.

  4. Chief? McCloud!!

    Spontaneous human combustion says we are made of fuel too.

  5. To get eaten or to get burn… do we have to choose?

  6. I’m surprised that the people on the ship didn’t get a stern lecture about the inherent dangers of xeno-biology. What you don’t know can, and likely will, hurt you.

    But yes, anything that floats in the air is likely flammable & hence in instantly endangered species.

  7. “Nor?” Hm. There’s something that most folks just don’t naturally say. Does she fall into “poet talk” when she panics? That might be a very interesting character trait. Poor kid…

  8. It would need some kind of lighter than air gas to facilitate its buoyancy. Fumes, what kind of fumes one would connect to a starship? Retro rockets?

  9. Frith Ra, the people on the ship are supposed to stay on the ship. They are not expected to know how to survive where they they shouldn’t be.

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