05/29/15 First Contact 11

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  1. You owe us a new cow!

  2. E.T., having gone back home after his adventures on Earth, and having grown into his adult size, now hosts an alien television show inspired in equal parts by Candid Camera and Jackass. Putting complete strangers in mortal peril for fun!

  3. I like Herandar’s idea. Only this is actually the alien equivalent of mooning somebody, and that’s not their faces. 🙂

  4. mmm the natives peering… would they be hostile?
    Ha ha ha! good one Herandar! smile for the camera!

  5. We don’t know whether the aliens set it up or was just looking on. We don’t know how recent that cave painting is.

  6. A bonfire that may be seen by the farm. Neat.

  7. They saw that look on his face in panel 6, and realized he was getting all steamed up. They didn’t want to wait around the hear him shout.

  8. When you can see a cartoon character’s individual teeth, that’s when you know they’re really in pain.

  9. I see you there, tits-for-eyes.

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