06/01/15 First Contact 12

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  1. It’s the anti-Marvin! “The first ten million years were wonderful! I got to meet so many people!”

  2. How could this day start off any worse? Bonfire attracts soldiers at the Farm. No smoke though, so good. Nebs come for revenge. “You kill my father, prepare to die!” And food poisoning. And parasites, and inclement weather, and toxic fumes, and bad luck, and injuries get a weird infection, and health problems, and equipment failure, and injuries due to walking…

    or not.

  3. Nice try, Chris. We all know Nebs are related to Eebs. No need for misleading footnotes.

  4. The anti-Marvin, I love it. In many ways that would be scarier.

  5. Maybe you don’t have much time for wounds and food, considering that big ball of fire and those nebs which have seen you, you could be in trouble very soon.

  6. Foxglove’s thoughts in that first panel: “Well, yeah. That’s KINDA why we lit it on fire.”

  7. @KNO3, well, aren’t WE a little ball of sunshine?

  8. Ever since Spielberg copyrighted ET…

  9. Well Muzhik, you should see me prepare for a hike or a vacation. Plan, over prepare and laugh at the minor problems.

  10. Anti-Marvin? or a relative of a Potty-Bot?

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