07/31/15 The City 13

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  1. And your punishment is to cut down he largest tree… with a herring!

  2. I think the question going through all our minds is, Pewter, why Duchamp and not Salvador Dali?

  3. I like Dali and all that, but have never found him nearly as conceptually interesting s Duchamp.

  4. maybe it’s the color of the statue confusing me, but i’m noticing the similarities between the floaty-thing and the walking things…bumps, tentacles….maybe the floaty-thing is the adult form?

  5. Okay… Teapot killed Someone Important. He set the Starglomerate ambassador on fire. Or maybe their Donald Trump.

  6. Or some movie star…

  7. @Christopher, uh-huh. Sooo … Melting clocks aren’t as “conceptually interesting” as a single bicycle wheel mounted on a rod.

  8. @Muzhik, you might find it interesting to read up on Duchamp to see the layers under layers. I mean, I’m not even particularly into Surrealism or Dada, but on an intellectual expanding-the-concept-of-what-is-art weirdness brain-exploding, personaly, I truly find Duchamp miles ahead.

  9. Well to be fair, if you saw a statue of a lion in a human city, it does not neccesarily mean humans would be irate at you for killing a lion that was attacking you.

  10. Unless it were a *huge* statue of a lion, and possibly the only statue in the city … and you only saw one lion ever.

  11. Is “unnerved” a new catch phrase? It’s been used three times in five pages. 😀

    I’m really enjoying the comic. Keep up the good work!

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