08/28/15 The City 25

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  1. That´s not a skeleton, it´s a highly specialised lifeform, it nests in museums only.
    It´s hunting strategy is to bore it´s victims to death with little plastic signs.

  2. Lookit those massive thigh bones! I’d expect more bones in the wings, but regardless, it was probably always dragging those heavy rear legs behind.

    Also love that it appears to have a dorsal guiding fin instead of a tail. Like a giant rudder.

  3. That’s just what they *want* you to think.

  4. From its skeletal morphology I’d say it spent some time reared up on its hind legs. Unless it was filled with gas or something there’s no way it could fly, so perhaps it used its wings and tail rudder to drop from high places onto prey. Prey in the water, I hope, since I don’t think it could stop itself well enough to keep from being injured.

    And, given how crazy all the other life forms are, it surprises me how earth-like it is. But I suspect it’s very hard to have a skeletonized weird alien be immediately recognizable as “dead animal.”

  5. Of course it could be a terrible reconstruction of one or more extinct animals.

  6. Betcha didn’t even notice the Neb skeleton under it.

    (See, the Nebs are tentacle creatures who don’t have… never mind.)

  7. Sengkelat – having read some of the history of the early (dinosaur) “Bone Wars”, I am betting with you.

  8. @Sengkelat, your comment about “dead animal” reminded me of a story-line in “Schlock Mercenary” where the team landed on a new planet and found a map etched into a cliff face where the trail ended in a big “X”. The team took off on the trail, thinking “X marks the spot of the treasure.” Turned out the local hunter-gatherers had a skeletal structure where the rib cage analog was shaped like an “X”, and the map was a warning to stay away from this spot where the carnivorous plants live. The “X” is the local equivalent of a skull and crossbones.

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