I am barely coherent. I have been working non-stop since Wednesday, framing and prepping this art show. But I’m so excited! It’s going to look so good. And I’ll have more works to post soon. 🙂

08/31/15 The City 26

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  1. OOH! Executions are SO much fun!

  2. Foxglove’s been to enough ceremonies to be blah-say about them.

  3. It´s “You did something wrong, you are ugly and nobody likes you. Plus you are stupid, because you could easily free yourself, we shackeled your TENTACKLES, for Petes sake.”

    “Also, sleeping through the trial will NOT help you.”

  4. Oh, I thought they’ve been totally silent all this time, since there haven’t been any text bubbles.

  5. Like Herandar, I’ve been under the impression that these people were communicating mentally,or something. If they are making sounds – what kinds would they be?

  6. @Minando, I am guessing the cuffs are designed to dig in somehow to prevent escape.

    @Herandar & @Frith_Ra, I imagine they do not speak. Which is why I phrased Anna’s line that way, she says “saying” because it is obvious that the one gesturing is communicating somehow, physically or mentallly, but she corrects herself. Perhaps I should reconsider the line.

  7. I find the third panel very heart-wrenching; the shackles and head cocked back. Just very sad.

  8. Got to be careful there… It might actually be “Blah blah blah BLAH blah blah blah!”

  9. @Axonite, or it might be like in “The Far Side”, the difference between what people say and what dogs hear, i.e., “Blah blah blah BLAH blah Ginger! BLAH blah blah Ginger blah!”

    (I can’t duplicate what cats hear in the same situation, because it’s just a long blank space, three lines long, surrounded by quotes.)

  10. Yeah, don’t like that pose at all….it seems a little less like paying attention to the speaker and a little more like “So when is the massive rock going to come down and crush me?”

  11. In panel 3 did the ETs scrunch up to move away from them to avoid touching them or something? The ones nearest Foxglove do seem to be shying away from them. I would if an alien sat next to me unexpectedly.

  12. Whatever method allows those shackles to constrain a tentacle does not bode well for teacup.

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