I’ve been working on this art show for the Crandall Library in Glens Falls, NY actively since around March. It has kicked my butt, but I am pleased with the result. Yesterday I hung the show, and I really really like it, and I am so happy with the space. Yes yes yes I am. 🙂

For those who are in the vicinity, it does run the full month of September (I’ll take it down the afternoon of the last day). For those who aren’t, I built a website with all the pieces in it (with prices, sizes, etc as well).

Virtual Art Gallery!

Cheers! -Christopher


09/02/15 The City 27

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  1. Ahhh… the other purple meat.

  2. Sheesh, what is up with that robot? I mean, it’s one thing to be unpleasant for comedic effect, but this little creep’s taken every possible opportunity to be nasty. In fact… has Pewter actually ever said or done anything without being at least a little mean spirited?

  3. It really shouldn’t eat so many prisoners, but they’re a guilty pleasure.

  4. Joe, and Pewter is assigned to children…

  5. @Joe, huh, well, he may have balanced too far outside of likability. I’ll re-read and think about it. Thanks for the input. 🙂

  6. RE: Pewter being “out of balance”, well, consider this quote from the movie “Interstellar”:

    TARS: [as Cooper repairs him] Settings. General settings. Security settings.
    TARS: Honesty, new setting: ninety-five percent.
    TARS: Confirmed. Additional settings.
    Cooper: Humor, seventy-five percent.
    TARS: Confirmed. Self destruct sequence in T minus 10, 9…
    Cooper: Let’s make that sixty percent.
    TARS: Sixty percent, confirmed. Knock knock.
    Cooper: You want fifty-five?

  7. Do “mean spirited” “likability” and “nasty” apply to a machine?

  8. @Christopher, thank you for your consideration! You do great work, no matter what.

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