09/16/15 The City 33

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  1. Oh, they are soooo gonna fall in love and get married and have babies!!!

  2. Also, it turns out that it was actually a pretty smart move by the conductor to cut Anna’s solo.

  3. Oh, wow, yeah. Could you imagine the confusion, impatience, and angry looks during the practices when Anna steadfastly refused to show up? Good move. Saved himself a lot of stress, really.

  4. Remember Herandar opposites do attract but then have a bitter, acrimonious, nasty, miserable, torturous, divorce.

  5. And through it all, my mind can hear the desperate cries of the NEEBs: “Oh, if only we had opposable thumbs!

  6. “Bible stories for robots” sounds promising, would you mind naming the author? I couldn’t find the Book.

  7. @Mummpizz, a friend’s novel, not yet complete. But excellent so far! 🙂

  8. @Herandar And Pewter will take care of their babies, and Anna will be their music teacher and everyone will live hap– Okay, maybe they shouldn’t have gone on vacation to the Grand Pit…

  9. @ Christopher: I’m looking forward to it (once it’s released) !

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