It’s been since March or so since I counted, but I looked at the script again, counted panels drawn and panels left to draw, computed that in relation to pages, and my best estimate is that Anna Galactic will run through August of next year. Running around 220 pages. Yay! (but remember, still a guess)

09/18/15 The City 34

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  1. Is this the point where Anna un-wimps?

  2. “So, what magical abilities did the sky monsters demonstrate this time?”
    “They knew how to operate our gliders, tzer…”
    “Well, they have their own flying machines. They’re probably not much different.”
    “They turned invisible and escaped.”
    “Of course they did. Did you save any of those drugs for me?”

  3. So this is nearly the halfway point?

  4. @Jesse, what’s wimpy about this? She directs which way they go and comes up with a plan (whether it’s good or not). I’d say some leadership qualities are coming out. Is it that they’re sending out a decoy (hiding) rather flying?

    @Herandar, yeah, in about a month or so, as my guess goes. 🙂

  5. So, Herandar, it’s all downhill from here. Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on if you’re on skis and have just jumped from the bunny trail to the “HOLY SH*T!!” trail; or if you’re wearing the parachute with a broken rip cord.

  6. More like, the aliens threw our sculpture out of the window. Damn!

    Minimal vertical stabilization and serious drag in the aft it’s a tumbling deathtrap.

  7. @KNO3,

    First they vaporize our holy floating jellybean, then they destroy the remnants of its nesting shell. HERETICS!

  8. What can I say? I just don’t know how to say it:
    I’m enjoying this, thanks for continuing to surprise me.

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