Today was one of those days. Went drawing with friends, and after a long time trying to open my ink, I finally go it, onyl to realize I forgot my brush. And I went to do a studio-model painting, and decided to do a very week tiny one, and of course I forget my reading glasses. Nothing tragic, life always rolls along. but I coulda used a big pile of donuts and a novel under blankets to replace my day. πŸ™‚

Holiday gifts? It’s not too late, although you’d have to get USPS priority shipping.Β Little Dee” and “Spacetrawler”books and merchandise!

12/09/15 Recovery 05

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  1. In that last panel, either the angle is weird or she has slipped down to where her chin can bump his knees.

    Why do I think that these N.E.B.s are a different group from the city N.E.B.s?

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