The action scene lasts a couple weeks. So, I decided to add wee silly punchlines at the end of each.

01/20/16 Underground 13

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  1. Oh, look, Punch and Judy!

  2. Hishla’s fun and games are done.

  3. Ouch eye punching. Yup, military training at it’s finest fight to win.

  4. Yeah, Christopher, you actually have good, coherent action scenes.

  5. Wee silly punchlines are grand! 🙂

  6. Indeed, being armoured in the eyes is very rare. And even if it doesn’t actually cause pain, if you destroy all of it’s eyes it probably can’t see you any more to fight back.

  7. Aaaand KQY delivers a hard hitting point!

  8. @Far, oh, yes! I loves me a good pantomime!

    Ooooh, Hishla, you nasty beast! I’m going to poke you in the eye!

  9. Find what looks like mucus membranes and beat them all silly, use the bloody rocks man! Stuff them in its mouth.

  10. You forgot the speech bubble for Pewter’s line.

  11. Doh! Thank you. I will fix that.

  12. Thanks, @Darkalter2000, fixed!

  13. Oh, I totally missed the dialogue before.

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