04/25/16 No Man’s Land 09

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  1. If this is a Hishla clone, things could get interesting if she turns it to her side and it faces the original Hishla to defend her.

  2. Wait! That… that’s no moon! Er, I mean, rock!

  3. Rock + hill equals hmm… avalanche?

  4. Climb to top, drop rock. Rock falls. You know the rest.

  5. That’s some kind of Fiendish Thingie. She’ll do something with the rock to wake it up and hopefully do something helpful.

  6. Hishla, NO. BOUNDARIES! Do NOT hijack a sophont’s body!

  7. @ TB “That’s some kind of Fiendish Thingie.

    True. Another one of these weird hills was seen the day after the incineration of the gelatinous thingy.

    The purple thin thingie on top was busy knocking on the purple flat thingie on top.
    Now, what does it do, what does it eat? Soon to be discovered, I guess.

  8. Borked the blockquote. First line is TB’s.

  9. @Helianthus, I adjusted it, but yeah. hm. Blockquote html doesn’t seem to be showing. :-/

  10. It’s really awkward to be dismissive of your demonic possessions in your second thoughts. Somehow they always know.

  11. Demonic possessions + gelatin equals what..?

  12. Demonic possessions + gelatin equals what..?

    All your office supplies suspended in JELL-O?

  13. @ Christopher Baldwin
    are you by any chance a fan of Farscape?

  14. Thanks, Helianthus! I knew somebody would come through with the first appearance of Chekhov’s N.E.B.

  15. @MCLIEN, I watched the first season about 5 years ago. But I don’t recall what could have been relevant. What’s the reference you’re thinking of?

  16. Mind slime?

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