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04/27/16 No Man’s Land 10

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  1. Like HELL she’s going to be your meat puppet again!

  2. Good try, Hishla.

    Notice it said there wasn’t time, but there was time anyway.

  3. Wait…is that the opening chord of “Wake Up Little Susie?”

  4. Chords, rather.

  5. Humans… they are so adamant about retaining the illusion of control. Sigh.

    (I love how smug the Hishla infestation looks in the last panel).


    I was going for “shave and a haircut”, myself…

  7. No, it’s the rhythm beat to “Happy Birthday.”

    And the wake-up call reminds me an awful lot of how my cats wake me up at 4:30AM when they’re hungry NOW! NOW! Not at 6AM, NOW!

  8. “Happy Birthday”? No, that would be tum-tum thom tum tum tum.

  9. ah, censorship 😉 – trying not to have the kind of conversation that starts fights at the dinner table?

    Anna ends up following Hishla closely, while trying to maintain her individuality by treating the voices in her head as somehow external.

    Speaking from outside the U.S., let me just say that this is the perfect metaphor for your current (pre-)election cycle – and leave it at that 😉

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