04/29/16 No Man’s Land 11

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  1. It’s the start of Michael Jackson’s Thriller! And they’re already zombie-dancing to it!

  2. In the second to last panel her garb changes…

  3. @Steven, when she is in the “dream” world and Hishla is controlling her body, she is wearing her pajamas (which she wore in her second scene of the book)

  4. Hishla’s gonna make it as hard as possible for her to regain control, isn’t he….

  5. Well, plan B should be explosives.

  6. @OZ79
    hah, yes… I would be quite macabre if head-Hishla were just playing her…
    “I was bitten by a radioactive spider. How did you get your powers?”
    “I was smooched by an alien of unclear allegiance who I let take over when he/she/it sounds convincing”.
    But for it seems like head-Hishla may be just making him/her/itself indispensible…

    I really like how Anna’s (crowded) experience is depicted… in particular the juxtaposition of perspectives adopted in the final panel, combining the “objective” view (if anything from the perspective of Teapot) with showing Anna in mind-control glow mode letting the viewer get into Anna’s head. Previously Christopher has used this technique only for the more “introspective” shots set in the (mind-)cave. This may mean Hishla is here to stay, otherwise why create all those techniques ;-?

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