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05/16/16 No Man’s Land 16

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  1. I guess the party’s about to increase by at least one freed prisoner.

  2. No, it means something is diggity dog important in there.

  3. With a human guard you’d know whether they’re guarding the things inside against the outside – or guarding us on the outside against the things inside…

    Really hard to tell with these symmetrical sentries…

    Plus, hard to sneak up on something which does not have a clearly defined back.

  4. andreas, I think they can sneak from hill side.

  5. @KNO3
    true, their eyes don’t face the skies… quite an omission on a planet with ktauwks.

  6. Yontengu is on top of things.

  7. Hey, a grill. Is that a jail?

  8. Some of the funny bits in “El Diablo” would be completely lost on these NEBS.

    Billy Ray Smith: [outraged] You just shot that man in the back!
    Van Leek: [unperturbed] His back was to me.

    later in the movie

    Van Leek: Damn, boy! You shot him in the back.
    Billy Ray Smith: Well, his back was to me!
    Van Leek: [laughing] Oh, yeah. I forgot.

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