Stop reading ahead, Seymour.

Spent a huge chunk of yesterday reading mystery and spy thriller plot summaries for a project I’m working on. Oh, and a bunch of movie trailers and stuff about prep schools. It’s weird feeding the beast. I’m not looking for anything in particular, just broadening ideas about the themes I’m playing with. Fun stuff.

Bridget is well. I just gave her a dog cookie for confirmation.

06/17/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 07

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  1. “Good news, Foxglove! We got your medicine tooth!”
    “Yay! Thank you!”
    “Thank Pewter. He risked his ‘life’ for it.”
    “You mean he did something stupid and the kthauwk did something stupid back.”
    “Whatever. Thank him.”
    “… How bad can a painful horrifying death be?”

    I’m assuming it dropped Pewter because of pain and not flavor.

  2. It couldn’t have been from taste. He has none.

  3. It was that old shocking galvanic effect like that from chewing on metal foil.

  4. So what knocks Quadarnie off his hooves doesn’t even irritate the really big guy. Although size may matter here, this may be a bit of a stretch. But it certainly adds to the build-up of tension, also the comic is not entitled Pewter Electric, the Galactic Slayer.

    We are then treated to the release in the same posting, someone was busy… great pacing and humor, but I think here is where the exaggerated size differences between the Kthauwk and Pewter start to get in the way a bit.

    The Kthauwk isn’t just swallowing Pewter whole, which looks like what would be most likely. Admittedly this would give us more opportunity to learn about the aliens’ digestive systems than is called for story-wise. And biting on a nail is certainly distressing.

    Still all the teeth that we have seen so far (in those close-ups) look almost as big as Pewter himself. So the relative scale on the final two panels really seems off… unless the Kthauwk is continually growing baby-teeth to replace the worn down ones like a shark?

    And even then it’s a bit of a stretch that Pewter would come into contact with those baby teeth somehow and that the Kthauwk would even feel losing one of those.

    But I learned all I know about xeno-avian-dentology from reading comics on the internet so what do I know 😉

  5. @ Coyote
    It couldn’t have been from taste. He has none.

    Are you saying that Pewter is unpalatable or that the Kthauwk has no sense of aesthetics? It does dress in bright yellow colors, so 1980s.

  6. The Kthauwk has amalgam fillings?

  7. @Andreas Still all the teeth that we have seen so far (in those close-ups) look almost as big as Pewter himself. So the relative scale on the final two panels really seems off…

    Or maybe part of the tooth broke off. That might even be more painful to the Kthauwk than the whole tooth coming out.

  8. Pewter must be made tough and solid if that kind of crushing force did nothing.

    Not trusting the narrative the alien in Anna’s mind is selling. He’s totally amoral and psychopathic by human standards anyway. Maybe the kthawk is vicious, maybe he’s just paranoid from the genocide mentioned. I would be.

  9. @Andreas, what @Companiahill just said, only the tip broke off. 🙂

  10. Gnarlydoug: Pewter is made from the same metals as that Fiat Godzilla tried to chew on in the movie.

  11. Well, the simplest explanation is the one hardest to come by 😉

    Terribly convenient for the story, but well played.

    Looks like all the bits (pun intended) are in place now, so Anna should have it wrapped up in a matter of panels. What could go wrong? 😉

  12. @Andreas, re:not swallowing Pewter whole…

    Check out his mouth. All the teeth are sharp and pointy, made for rending. No molars, which are required for grinding. From that we can deduce most of Kthauwk’s natural prey have hard outer shells to protect the soft chewy centers. To properly digest the prey, prey has to be chopped in half to allow the digestive enzymes to work.

  13. Steve Worcester

    Early Greenfield ref from you. Just North is the archetypal (once the paragon) prep school, Deerfield. Rocking past the State Highway Patrol barracks North of the traffic circle on that awesome straight stretch to the North. Fantastic speed in a 1961 Buick Special Wagon on my way to other prep schools (5 yrs) and speeding tickets 🙂

    You could carry the 3.0 liter block under your arm. GM sold the works to what became Rover.

  14. “You best not have been lying to us, Hishla. We just beat a kthauwk, ripped its tooth out, and stole its shiny. You don’t want to be messing with us.”

  15. Hardware rocks.

  16. Hey, wait.. did he just lose the malfunctioning scanner?

  17. The scanner they needed to find the glowing purple rock?

  18. @ Coyote

    The scanner that Pewter needed to upgrade from comic-relief-bot to Terminator.

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