I spent the weekend treating it like a weekend (except about a half day working). What a novel concept. My sis is back, but I still am here for a bit, so I still get to hang out with Bridget. Yay. 🙂

06/20/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 08

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  1. It lost her before it even got her.

  2. It’s not the last of it’s kind. There is one in the NEB city acting as an executioner. Busted Hishla.

  3. No, the executioner is the same species as Hishla. Check The City 27.

  4. I don’t want to lose you

    That does sound good but its meaning crucially depends on the second part of the sentence left unsaid.

    The Good:
    I don’t want to lose you since I’ve grown fond of you through being intimately connected with you.

    The Bad:
    I don’t want to lose you since the first thing they taught us in parasite school is to always take care of your host unless you have another one lined up.

    The Ugly:
    I don’t want to lose you , my disease vector to infect all of humanity.

    For a telepath, the Hishla apparition seems to have learned remarkably little about her contact. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that “The Kthauwk is the last of its kind so go and make it extinct already” may not go over so well with Anna.

  5. @ Herandar
    Good point. I also first thought of the Kthauwk since it’s such a bloody mess, see the subsequent strip where the sentence is executed (The City 28). Seeing that it is the head that’s lying in a pool of blood this does track with Hishla’s MO.

    I wonder whether this means Anna is out on parole so to speak, with her sentence commuted. I.e. she has to carry Hishla around now.

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