07/04/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 14

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  1. As the last member of a quasi-extinct species, I wish to thank you for bringing some ketchup.
    Did you know we cannot eat anything without ketchup?
    Haha, just joking. Thanks anyway.

  2. I look at this thing, and I’m feeling like I’m being manipulated into having sympathy for something about as deserving of it as the Ebola virus…. Just kill the damn thing already and move on…..

  3. Without the top predator, some species is going to increase in numbers unchecked and ravage the planet (like red dear in Scotland). And equally when there were lots of Kthawks, they would have needed to be in balance with their prey, otherwise they don’t have enougn to eat and some will die off.

  4. Nice catch, Anna! The Cubbies could really use you on their team!

  5. If you wanted the vial that badly you should not have given it up in the first place.

  6. When there is one left that is extinction walking. Unless it is a female gravid with eggs or whatever. Species in the Red almost dead

  7. So, are we about to lose another heroine? Let’s kill off the unlikely but plucky protagonist. (Space Trawler, Yontengu…) Slightly tongue in cheek here.

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