07/06/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 15

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  1. Well… humans do not smell appetizing to space aliens I guess.

  2. Her defyings defines her.

  3. …”I wonder why I feel the urge to climb up a skyscraper all of a sudden. And…what’s a skyscraper? I must be getting senile”…

  4. Well, the planet is known for it’s saliva-based communication biology…

  5. She only has Hishla’s word for what the potion does. It could just enrage the Kthawk for example.

  6. Maybe Hishla should have tried reverse psychology instead? The kids these days are resistant to commands for some reason.

    Also who would want to harm the local equivalent of big bird or tweety?

  7. Yeah, the big bird has been really nice so far. Doesn’t squeese to hard so Foxglove can free her arms, not really eating humans, if it was going to eat them, it would have already instead of letting them dialog for a minute or so. Pretty nice indeed.

  8. Aye, now is the rub and squeeze…

  9. And so Ann Darrow (played by Fay Wray) finally looks into the eyes of the monster, the last of his kind.

    In exchange, she gets squeezed like a 10-yo squeezes a Go-gurt trying to get the last bit of creamy goodness out of the tube.

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