Purplehair Eyescar! Happy Monday!

So, I took the time this weekend to lay out the text for the rest of the comic. This is the final “scene” followed by an epilogue. I had thought it would actually run through at least mid-September but apparently it will finish up this month (probably) on August 26th! Holy cow! So soon.

So, I have a lot to do. It means I am going to try to launch Spacetrawler on August 22nd (yay), and it means that I will be running a (shorter than hoped for) Kickstarter to try to print Anna Galactic. I have most of the Kickstarter campaign together, I am just awaiting printing and shipping cost estimates. (I as well need to finish developing Spacetrawler, write the second half a graphic novel, rebuild the Spacetrawler website, transcribe recorded interviews and write a script for a comic I received a grant for, etc before then too, but who’s counting?)

No rest for the wicked! Wicked AWESOME that is. 😉

08/01/16 Homecoming 01

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  1. “What do you mean? I am a real captain, I have the hat! Not here, of course.”

  2. Yup. Making a colony.

  3. Yes, but why are they making a colony when there is no need?

  4. Wait, what?

  5. Well, better a colony than a colonoscopy, right?

  6. They will just meed to make peace with the two intelligent species there first.

    And the human species is always expanding and once we do if we can leave this Earth we will be seeding our species to any Kepler extra solar planets class T or nearly so.

    Both and you need colonoscopies for you internal health.

  7. Nice woodwork in the first panel. If I didn’t know better, I’d go with a conspiracy of artisans and craftspeople. Our heroes are going to spoil everything of course.

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