So… I finally heard back from my usual printer, and their new quote still priced me out. There was another printer I was excited to work with, but they have been so poor at communication, that I have finally given up the ghost with them. But I found yet ANOTHER printer who has been really good and responsive so far. So, fingers still crossed (but I’m not ready to launch a Kickstarter yet, until I’m sure I can make the product happen).

Have a great weekend!

In other news, I’m still dead on track to release Spacetrawler August 22nd! I even have two pages already drawn (and a few dozen written), ready to post then.ย It will post on, but will mirror post on as well. (not anything to see there yet, I’m madly redesigning it)

And I redesigned the “I.A. Starbanger,” which will now be known as the “G.O.B. Spacetrawler” (the reason for this will be explained in the strip).

About (justification for?) the re-design, since Eeb Spacetrawlers were eliminated after the previous stories, all ships needed to be retrofitted with the Mihhrgoot “greased dark-light speed drive,” so I added a loop part in back, which was the most salient feature on the mihhrgoot’s personal greased dark-light speed drive’s ships.

I really like it. Yay!

ShipOutline -refit 3_728

08/12/16 Homecoming 06

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  1. It’s leengranite! The humans are still carrying it around with them and contaminating the cosmos with deadly (to Leengras) radiation! It must be destroyed! The human plague-zoops must be destroyed!

  2. Okay, one, I still don’t think she should be handling that barehanded, and two, how could that one little rock possibly power an entire freaking starship the size of the one needed to carry that many people? If that’s all that’s left, then arguably they would have been stranded soon, anyway.

  3. And THIS is why keeping people in the dark about important things is NOT a good idea if there are heroes nearby.

  4. Oops.

  5. That spacetrawler panel is awesome. So excited about what you have in store for us for the continued adventures of the survivors of the previous stories.

    Count me in on the kickstarter!

    Oh, and Anna Galactic has been wonderful so far. Favorite story after Spacetrawler.

  6. Since they figured out space travel you’d think they’d be able to get a small lump of matter off planet? Of course hiding the magic stone in a dragon’s den certainly makes for a much greater origin myth to tell to future generations (assuming they make it that far ;-).

    Great news from that other universe where humanity has somehow escaped destruction! Methinks the G.O.B. Spacetrawler is called Spacetrawler because it is meant to trawl through space to seek out spacetrawlers?

  7. @Scorpinac, ha! well, physics is so different at an atomic level, we are just beginning to understand it. I don’t think the possibility is impossible. But…. this is more of a story about character than science.

  8. To be totally fair, if the Leengras can detect that stone from light-years away, throwing that stone in a cave a couple days walk away isn’t gonna make that much of a difference.

  9. @Scorpinac & Herandar
    I think this is an obvious case of Rule of cool, isn’t it?
    Christopher stories are cool AND funny, you wouldn’t want them to be realistic TOO, would you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Y’know, this is why I say that honesty is the best policy.

  11. Heh. Might make that Nogg after all. ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. Emily and Yuri say hi.

  12. How about this:

    The space drive uses vacuum energy. Lauridium isn’t consumed by the drive, but it’s an essential component.

  13. As Herb suggested, the lauridium may not produce power but might channel it in some special way, like a Lensman lens, or a transister, or an eeb.

    @Herandar, the Leengras might be able to detect lauridium when it’s in use, but not when there’s no power flowing through it.

  14. There once was this game where people used a sentient life form as fuel for their spaceships (not knowing it was sentient, of course). Can’t remember the name…anyway, the aliens are maybe just trying to save their crystal-buddies from the human menace.

  15. Really nice design work on the G.O.B. Spacetrawler.

  16. @Minando: Sounds like Starflight.

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