The “Anna Galactic” Kickstarter to print a collection has been launched! Whoot!



Happy Monday! I have finally figured out printer things, and the “Anna Galactic” Kickstarter is live!


08/15/16 Homecoming 07

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  1. Teapot made the same assumptions based on the evidence he saw, so they’re theory co-conspirators.

  2. Ah, you will make us laugh till the last page, huh. It’s so good to laugh at least three times a week, whatever happens besides.

  3. He’s over-reacting a good bit too much. It’s not like he wasn’t there for the set-up. If this isn’t a show for all of the other people there, I’m going to be disappointed.

  4. Just a flash in the pan. It’s a shock and he’s reacting, upset. The burst will have burned itself out by Wednesday. (mind you, you’re right, he is in the wrong and lashing out like a jerk here)

  5. A hypothesis indeed that failed to make being a theory. But there will be more in the future!

  6. It looks like you used actual reference material for Dilvan’s head in panel 5. Except for how the back of his head connects to his neck. Crap, now I’m an art critic in addition to the rest of my flaws.

  7. Also, the decisions they made going forward were based on the information they had. Not her fault (nor his) that they didn’t know the truth.

  8. Teapot, IIRC, didn’t you aid and abet in Anna’s escape (along with Foxglove)? Whatever else you might think, there’s something about having a 16yo’s parents snatched away by military guards for no discernible reason that does tend to support so-called conspiracy theories.

  9. (so-called because, hey, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean THEY aren’t out to get you.)

  10. And when you are on the verge of extinction…

  11. @KNO3, On the other hand, if you remember Teapot’s conversation with the couple in the bar, extinction starts to look like a reasonable option.

  12. Extinction rather than suffering in a over heated poisoned world called “Earth”? I would be ambivalent over it since we could press on. Imagine if we had to protect ourselves on that Earth to come? No starships of any kind to use? I’d rather not unless I was one of the lucky few the Overlords need as a servant in their comfortable domes that were planned to be used on other planets and moons.

  13. Good luck on the Kickstarter! I backed yesterday. I’m really hoping to see this one in print — the Spacetrawler books were even more fun in “dead tree” edition.

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