Okay, Corey (my web guy who I’d perish without) switched this site to a different server, and it’s running much better. Yay! Thank you, Corey!

Anime eyes. Quite a few of you commented on the last strip about how everyone had anime eyes except for the captain. Did I mention I’m sort of figuring out the art in a somewhat trial-by-fire? Anyhow, I had created the captain at a different time than the other characters and forgot the eye-difference. So, I updated the captain’s eyes, which are now like the rest. Oh, and to those curious about the sci-fi angle of that, I’m afraid there is none. It’s just a style of drawing, I won’t be attributing large eyes due to evolution or genetic modification. (and when I get a chance, I’ll go back in and update the first two strips).

So, the running of my fill-in for Girl Genius has begun! Friday will be the second strip. So read. it. READ IT. I’m having a great time drawing this, Phil and Kaja’s writing is always hilarious.

So, on New Year’s Day, which I oddly ended up taking off, I did (among other things) go and build a wee cat castle out of boxes. So far they at least like to lie on top of it (that’s Lucy).


In exchange, they left me a gift, which I’ll share with you (with only slight color modifications):


01/03/14 Unwavering Path

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