Another normal Monday and Tuesday for me. Drew a lot. Model Studio drawing is back on, so I did that (haven’t scanned them in yet though). I made potato soup. We made caramel corn. We went and saw “Monuments Men” which was entertaining, and I’m glad it’s out there to bring light to an interesting part of history, but it was a wee bit flat. I wouldn’t mind seeing the no-doubt-very-long cut if it exists.

As mentioned, throughout January and February, check out the fill-in art I’m doing for Phil and Kaja over at Girl Genius!

So, Marvel Comics is repackaging Ms. Marvel, and old superhero, to be  shape-shifting 16 year-old Muslim girl. There’s a drawing group I’m part of, and so we all did a crack at it (one of the wash drawings I mentioned). Mine’s below, but here’s a link to all of them.


02/12/14 Like An Ape

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