Very excited. Here in Glens Falls they’re having a “24 hour play fest.” 10 teams of: 1 writer, 1 director, 4 actors each. All teams meets separately February 28th in the evening, the writers write all night, and the director/actors begin rehearsals at 9 in the morning, and the plays go up for one show of all of them back-to-back that following night.

And I’ve been chosen as one of the writers! What fun!

Had a good weekend. Ran errands, sat around sipping coffee, finish the first draft of the Little Dee graphic novel. Good times.

So, my hands are never idle. This weekend I did some more watercolor drawings (will post in a later blog, I haven’t scanned them in yet). But I also pulled out a piece of soapstone and have begun carving it into a ram. Fun!

As mentioned, throughout January and February, check out the fill-in art I’m doing for Phil and Kaja over at Girl Genius!

02/10/14 Network Secure

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