Reminds me of some of the BS I used to say to avoid accountability in office jobs. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Had a lovely birthday. Went for a long walk, looked at art books in the library, went to studio drawing, and then my sweetie and I went out to dinner. It’s a strange thing, because on your birthday it’s nice to do what you really love, but for me I do that every day all day (writing, painting, drawing), and so I kinda’ had to step sideways and not let myself do any any work (the studio drawing is more a fun thing).

Anyhow. AT studio drawing, I tried working straight on my digital palette. Not sure I love the results.


Tonight (Tuesday), I’m starting staying up until 5:00am, which is when I need to have the script done Friday-night/Saturday-morning for the “24 hour play fest.” If I don’t condition myself a few days in advance, on Friday I’ll turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

As mentioned, throughout January and February, check out the fill-in art I’m doing for Phil and Kaja over at Girl Genius!

02/26/14 Gordon Confesses

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