Saturday went to a really fun game night at a friend’s house where we played “Sheepshead” an American (Wisconsin actually) bastardization of Skat. In just the second hand and I (with luck) even almost had a “Grandma’s Hand.” Anyhow, fun to learn a new game, and fun to be able to hold my own (came out one nickel ahead!)

It’s my birthday Tuesday. Been trying to think of something fun to do. Art museum? Bowling? Spend the day painting? Donuts? So many choices.

Excited, this Friday/Saturday is the “24 hour play fest.” Although I’m dreading staying up all night to write — that’ll totally do me in. As I mentioned before: 10 teams of: 1 writer, 1 director, 4 actors each. All teams meets separately February 28th in the evening, the writers write all night, and the director/actors begin rehearsals at 9 in the morning, and the plays go up for one show of all of them back-to-back that following night. If you’re local, come!

As mentioned, throughout January and February, check out the fill-in art I’m doing for Phil and Kaja over at Girl Genius!

02/24/14 Day And Night

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