Been strange weather. low forties yesterday, low seventies today. Ah, spring in New England. Love it.

Went and saw “Noah” with  friend. A real mixed bag. Lotsa’ good stuff, but overall it felt like a mess. Too many characters and too much story, so it felt like nothing was done in depth enough. But, overall it was entertaining.

Oh, and I finally got around to buying a bus ticket for TCAF next weekend (a red-eye. My, won’t I be peaky!). Look for me tabling with the TopatoCo folk!

05/02/14 What Angie Would’ve Done

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  1. Spoken like a true one-minute manager.

  2. “Your blatzed girlfriend”, not “you’re blatzed girlfriend”. 🙂

  3. And the crew would be looking at HER personal files to make fun of her.

  4. I’m trying not to be the complainy nit-picky guy, but it’s still bugging me how the captain always has that same expression regardless on the situation.

  5. @Mic, that’s because when he rellay becomes afraid, excited or surprised, those big puppy-eyes will then look super dramatic.

  6. @Mic, that’s because he’s kind of like Jebediah Keman, except his state is ‘serious’ instead of ‘ecstatic’. When his mood changes, you know something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

  7. Also, Angie’s hair appears to have aquired an accretion disk.

  8. @hg, thanks! Fixed!

    @RedDwarfIV, yeah, just wanted to make her outline slightly visible.

  9. Hg, Orion is his girlfriend so “your” is correct. Remember that “you’re” is a contraction of “you are” which would sound awkward as “You are blatzed girlfriend.”

    Well I wonder if they just let anyone on this ship. Is it a company ship and not a govt ship? Please tell us about their background and Earth. I hope this is a new universe. I’d rather it be that way than in the previous strip’s one.

    I like this new style. Easy on the eyes and yet different enough to maintain attention, Christopher.

    • I get the impression this crew of less-than-stellar interstellar wayfarers was selected partly to send them somewhere they would do the least damage (not counting any damage they do one another). I’m sure that’s not the only or primary goal of their trip. I mean, no one wants to spend several million (billion?) dollars to accomplish something you could manage with a handful of bullets. ‘MIright?

  10. @Night-Guant, actually, @Hg wrote that when it read “you’re” and corrected me. It have since fixed it. So, you’re both right! 🙂

    I’m not sure I’ll give much info about earth, at least not much more than I’ve given. Just the nature of the story. but I can assure you that it is NOT the Spacetrawler universe. And thanks! 🙂

  11. notafishscientist

    My working assumption is that the translation they were given of the alien message is a lie and the actual translation is “Hey, could you send us some biological samples? We’ll send you neat stuff in return!” and the space agency folks thought, “Hmm, who are the most hopeless bunch of officers we can assemble into a crew?”

    Or maybe the message was, “Hey, can you send us some body-puppets so we can come visit in-person?” Anyway, something in which “utterly expendable, but still probably capable of crewing a inter-galactic ship” were the only necessary criteria.

  12. Yes, I agree – the translation is a lie. We’ll discover the real agenda soon enough but one thing for sure – this crew is expendable. I’m surpised Stallon isn’t in command…

  13. I wonder how expensive one of those Higgs starships is? Certainly a peculiar and needless way of getting rid of lousy officers. (I would think there are easier and cheaper ways of doing so instead of first contact.) I don’t buy it. We may see when they finally reach the solar system they are heading for.

    There is a reason why ridiculous speculation is curtailed. It quickly degenerates into weird and pointless screw ball talking points. Like we have here.

  14. @Terry Smith, If the translation is a lie… Does that mean…

    … the cake is a lie?

  15. it just seems so strange to me that basically the entire crew either doesn’t care or is incompetent to the point of absurdity, i’m looking forward to some twists to put in perspective.

  16. @Gibber_Gibber, they may have some personality issues on them, but what has the crew done to make them come across to you as incompetent (aside from Orion’s napping schedule)?

  17. The ‘where to send the screwups’ thread reminds me of the postings in one of the Miles Vorkosigan stories, a remote Arctic base with some um, unstable command postings already…

  18. This is a test case for sending off all the telephone sanitizers to another planet.

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