I am getting lost further and further in my head these days. Writing writing writing writing.

Now that the weather is nicer, I got one of the old bikes up and running, and rode it to play racquetball. 7 minute biking rather than a 4 minute drive. A FOUR minute drive. To hit a ball against a wall for a half hour. We are such insane creatures. We don’t deserve this planet any more.

Saw “Only Lovers Left Alive” and it was wonderful. I think it might be my favorite Jim Jarmusch yet. And worth it to see it on the big screen. It really is more of an “experience” film than a “plot” one.

Speaking of plot. have I mentioned that I’ve been writing? Oh. I have. Right then.

04/30/14 Sleep is The Answer

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  1. Biking has the added benefit of getting you at least slightly warmed up before the ‘official’ exercise. Climbing goes a lot better for me when I bike to the gym instead of driving.

  2. @Jordan, I so agree! Although, since this was the first day, I pushed too hard on biking there and it kinda wiped me out. Ha! 🙂

  3. If it hasn’t hit and run through your environs yet, I MOST STRONGLY recommend “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Wonderful characters, engaging plot, superb acting, a paean to an age that probably never existed, but would have been grand if it had.

    It was in the good theater for only a week and I couldn’t schedule seeing it then, so I had to go to the bad theater in town. (Bad theater = overpriced gigantaplex with crappy popcorn. It’s the crappy popcorn that makes it bad.) The fact that I enjoyed myself at the bad theater is a testament to how good the movie is.

  4. @Muzhik, Wes Anderson to me is kinda’ like Jim Jarmusch (and The Coen Brothers, Woody Allen, etc) in that whether or not I like a particular film of theres, it’s generally more INTERESTINGLY DONE than almost anything else Hollywood puts out. And so I enjoy watching it

    I enjoy Hollywood formula. I just watched one of the James Bonds films the other night and fully enjoyed it. But they never leave me with a feeling, an impression, food for thought.

    So, yes, I DID catch “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and loved it. And Tilda Swinton again! Dang she’s frikkin’ amazing.

  5. Anything like “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”?

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