Yes, I will be at TCAF Comic Fest, in Toronto this weekend. You’ll find me with the TopatoCo people, with Little Dee and Spacetrawler books for sale. If you can’t make it, know that all of my books and merch are also for sale online at TopatoCo. See you there!


05/07/14 Olivia Wakes Up

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  1. You don’t have to double-check. If the captain wanted her out, HE would have let her out.

  2. @Coyoty, it’s that hair color. What can you expect from a person who has such a major handicap?

  3. In the bottom left panel, Star looks like Uninvited House Guest.

  4. Star seems to be channeling Dustin…

  5. Do not trust the trickster, it will say whatever it can to get its way…

  6. I believe they should weld that door shut for a while.

  7. What a smile, what a smile…

  8. CthulhuEarring

    Its called Autistic naivete, Olivia. You take L-theanine for that. They should know how to care in the future…

    …except they do not care because you lack charisma. Get a cat — it will work out better than friendship with the likes of Star!

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